Model: 07000880000
A perfect item for your shop counter! Keyring in the shape of a red bell. It has a black handle and black text ("Ring for Sex"). Length 6.5 cm, Ø 3.7 cm. Metal...
Model: 07000960000
For relieving stress! Someone can calm their nerves when they squeeze the breast and play with the erect nipple. Ø 7.7 cm. ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH...
Model: 07729760000
Surpreenda todos os seus amigos na próxima despedida de solteiro ou troca de prendas.Divertido chapéu com pénis e testículos bem pronunciados no topo, cor de pele e acabamento aveludado. Lavar à mão!..
Model: 07712950000
Sino vermelho "Ring for Sex" para chamar o seu parceiro sempre que lhe apetecer.Já não necessita de nenhum outro instrumento para persuadir o seu parceiro. Toque uma vez para avisar, 2 vezes se estiver com pressa e três se estiver desesperada!!!..
Avental Chefcock Big Boss Avental Chefcock Big Boss
Model: 07714650000
Chegou a altura de fazer churrascadas com os amigos e este avental não pode faltar para umas boas gargalhadas.Um divertido avental para homem com o texto "BIG BOSS" e uma imagem de um tronco nu na frente. Com um extra hilariante de um pénis de plush erecto que parece quando levanta o pano "BIG BOSS"..
Apron Woman
Model: 07791720000
White apron, with cartoon-like female body imprint with round and full boobs...
Cucumber Cucumber
Model: 07767180000
A fully dotted penis under a green cucumber sheath It sucks up any liquid and squirts it out again when pressed. Material used: PVCCucumber: 25 cm, Ø 5.5 cm. Penis: 16.5 cm, Ø 4 cm. Free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH...
Sexy banana
Model: 07767260000
Fun banana with removible cap that reveals the real inside: a flesh-coloured penis that soaks up water and squirts it out when pressed. 18 x 4,5 cm. Free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH...
Slipper Boobs pink Slipper Boobs pink
Model: 07798300000
Pink slippers made of fake fur fabric. For HIM, with boobs on top. Standard size 42-45. Cover 100 polyester, lining: 100 polypropylene...
Avental com Mamas
Model: 07722670000
Agora ninguém vai conseguir parar de rir.Divertido avental com a imagem de um torso feminino e com mamas suaves de plush...
Avental homem
Model: 07791640000
White apron, with cartoon-like male body imprint with an impressive penis...
Campainha Vermelha - Ring for Sex Campainha Vermelha - Ring for Sex
Model: 07728100000
Campainha vermelha "Ring for Sex" para chamar o seu parceiro sempre que lhe apetecer.Já não necessita de nenhum outro instrumento para persuadir o seu parceiro. Toque uma vez para avisar, 2 vezes se estiver com pressa e três se estiver desesperada!!!..
Chinelos Penis Dourados
Model: 07739050000
Gold-toned penis slippers made from a fluffy material with a penis and testicles shoe tip. One size fits most (approx. size: from 37 to 43/ European shoe sizing)...
3 pleasure dice German, 3 pleasure dice German,
Model: 07771700000
Let the dice decide where to have sex next! Just throw the three dice: the red one tells you what to do, the blue one decides on the part of the body and the green dice tells you a certain location. Size: 2.4 cm, 3 dice in one set...
50 Days of Play
Model: 07737860000
50 envelopes in five different colors with erotic tips for improved sex joy! Each color stands for a different level - from soft (kissing, stroking) to hard (licking, slapping). German language...
50 Naughty Days 50 Naughty Days
Model: 07754950000
50 envelopes com sugestões de acções preliminares e sexo. Dividido em cinco diferentes níveis de dureza, do gentil ao duro identificável pelas cores diferentes. Alemão...
Alles Sch... Shampoo
Model: 07001690000
The perfect cheeky gift!- nourishing shampoo- stimulating scent- great as a gift- bottle has a funny picture on the labelBrown shampoo for hair in the intimate area. (350 ml)..
Aphrodisia Aphrodisia
Model: 07710660000
Board game for couples. Content: board game, 2 playing pieces, 2 spaces for cards with 60 positions, dice, as well as 1 pair of handcuffs, whip, vibrator, massage candle and blindfold...
Apron realistic photograph
Model: 07709220000
Apron with realistic picture of a female torso. With white lace dessous. Material: 100 vinyl...
Balloon with Penis Picture Balloon with Penis Picture
Model: 07000530000
Funny product for parties!6 balloons (3 x pink and 3 x purple) with a picture of a penis on them.Contains latex, made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergies...
Bath Confetti Bath Confetti
Model: 07759670000
Heart-shaped package that has 20 g of bath confetti inside. The package contains numerous red and white hearts...
Bath Confetti Heart Display Bath Confetti Heart Display
Model: 07759590000
The perfect display for your POS!The display has 15 heart-shaped packages that each have 20 g of bath confetti for sensual bath times. Your customers will add a red or white heart to their shopping bag to surprise their partner…Store the heart-shaped packages in a cool, dry place...
Bath Sponge Penis
Model: 07726070000
Bath sponge in penis shape. Available in four different colours. Unsorted - be surprised which colour you will get Size: 19.5 x 12 x 3.5 cm. 1 piece...
Beetle massager Beetle massager
Model: 07768400000
Massage beetle with four pulsating legs with massage balls endings. Just press its nose for vibration and relax. Package includes a drawing to show body parts where you can apply the beetle. Measures: 12 cm x 14 cm x 8 cm. Please order batteries 2 x AA separately...
Boob Slippers Boob Slippers
Model: 07774200000
Warm and comfy booby slippers. Fits feet up to shoe size 44 German Size...
Candy Bra
Model: 07730260000
If you like to dress with style - sweet style. Edible bra made from candy beads. Pink with red heart. 280 g...
Candy Bra (BH) Candy Bra (BH)
Model: 07758270000
Bra made of sugar beads. 280 g. One size (fits all)...
Candy Lovers Ring
Model: 07730340000
3 edible cock rings made from multi-colour sugar beads. One size fits all. 18 g...
Candy Nipple Tassels
Model: 07775280000
Unique nipple tassels made from multi-coloured sugar pearls. Pack with two tassels. Total weight: 60 gr...
Candy posing pouch Candy posing pouch
Model: 07758350000
For all of you candy lovers!Now you can bite your partner with sweet delight and enjoy these tantalizing sugarpearls as make your way down to the nipples. 300 g...
Candy string Candy string
Model: 07756730000
As sweet as candy!A string you can eat - exciting dessous for exciting hours... String made of colourful sugar-pearls. One size...
Chinelos Penis Chinelos Penis
Model: 07774390000
Warm and comfy penis house slippers. Fits feet up to shoe size 40 (German Size)...
Chinelos Penis Chinelos Penis
Model: 07798490000
Pink-coloured house slippers for HER. Made of fake fur fabric, with penis and testicles on top. Standard size 37-40. 100% polyester...
Cocky Cookie Cutter Cocky Cookie Cutter
Model: 07702050000
Pack of 2 penis shaped cookie cutters. Measurements: approx. 10 cm long, Ø 2.3 to 5.5 cm. Made of metal. Please clean with hot water and washing-up liquid before first use...
Cola Willies Cola Willies
Model: 07751260000
Sugar-coated wine-gum willies. Cola-flavour. White/brown. 120g...
Dados Fluorescentes
Model: 07720540000
2 peças de conjunto de dados, brilhando no escuro e com posições de amor em estilo cômico. Tamanho: 3 x 3 x 3 cm. Material: ABS...
Das frivole Spiel der Liebe Das frivole Spiel der Liebe
Model: 07739130000
Soft SM dice game. Content: whip, eye-mask, handcuffs, 2 dice, vibrator with battery, ear-plugs...
Dice sex-positions
Model: 07741700000
You need some help to decide which sex-position comes next? Then just take this dice showing 12 different positions. Colour: white/black. 3 x 3 x 3 cm. Material: acrylic...
Disp. Prickel-Sex 36er
Model: 07771880000
Display for 36 piecesSherbet powder with fruity strawberry flavour for tasty pleasures. 25 g bags. Size: 9 cm x 14 cm...
Duck with a dick
Model: 07733100000
Male duck with massive penis approx. 6 cm. Full size: 11 cm. Material: PVC, free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH...
Egg-timer Testicles
Model: 07720890000
Hot designSkin-coloured egg-timer in testicle shape, with silver-coloured timer measuring up to 60 minutes. Size ca. 7.5 x 9 cm...
Eier-Shampoo 350 ml Eier-Shampoo 350 ml
Model: 07702210000
Yellow shampoo for men in their best age. With this shampoo the balls skin seems to become even softer. 3050 ml bottle...
Erotic Game "Orgasmixxx" Erotic Game "Orgasmixxx"
Model: 07721940000
Erotic game for couples. Content: 1 game board, 4 card decks, 1 pencil of body paint, 1 blindfold, 1 dice. 1 hourglass, 2 tokens...
Erotic Secrets Erotic Secrets
Model: 07759400000
Card game for HIM and HER with intimate questions for hot confessions and surprising answers. 55 cards. For a minimum of 2 players...
Model: 07789310000
Erotic card game for at least two players. Content: 55 cards with eac four words of the themes »humans & affinities«, »toys & lingerie«, »Fantasies & quotes« and »different stuff«. The player taking a card chooses a category and has to mime the word to th..
Erotixxx Erotixxx
Model: 07710230000
Board game for couples! Content: game board, 3 packs of cards, 2 playing pieces, dice, eye mask. For 2 players...
Folding Ruler Girl
Model: 07700940000
Folding ruler made of varnished wood. Holohedral, 2 surface with erotic blondes. In transparent package with suspension arrangement...
Folding Ruler Girl 2m
Model: 07761060000
Folding ruler 2 m made of lacquered wood with full erotic surface print on 2 sides. Comes in a see-through package with a suspension device...
Fruit Sweets Penis Fruit Sweets Penis
Model: 07003980000
Colourful, penis-shaped fruit sweets. 175 g...
Fruit Sweets Pussy Fruit Sweets Pussy
Model: 07003800000
Pink, pussy-shaped fruit sweets. 175 g...
FUCK Slippers FUCK Slippers
Model: 07003470000
Soft, gold-coloured slippers with black text! The right slipper has "FU" on it and the left slipper has "CK" on it, so when the slippers are next to each other they spell "FUCK"! One size: approx. 37 to 43 (German shoe size). Material: cover 100% polyester, lining 100% polypropylene...
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