Model: 24904634001
Black/purple multi-layered paddle. One side softly padded. Sewd edging. The handle is wrapped into suede and with lacing. 42 x 5 cm on the widest point...
Crop Rhinestones
Model: 24916561000
Chibata com 65cm de comprimento, pega com brilhantes e varinha em tecido.Com cinta. Negro. Material: ABS, couro, strass...
Paddle Red Paddle Red
Model: 24904633001
Red slim-line paddle with one slightly padded side for a softer starting stroke. Features a tied suede cuff designed to provide a better grip and a fancy bondage look. Full size: 24 cm long, 3.5-5 cm wide. Material: Split leather, polyurethane...
Palmatoria Black Cat
Model: 24914861001
Palmatoria em forma de gato preto. Com costuras e olhos em imitação de diamante vermelhos, veludo atado ao nível do punho. Comprimento total aprox. 38 centímetros. Material: poliuretano, couro...
50SG Please Sir 50SG Please Sir
Model: 05305490000
The Official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection. Tickle, tease and torment your partner with dozens of soft fronds for your pleasure-and-pain enjoyment. Offering a satisfying sting or a light lick to the skin with the slightest hint of pain, the Please, Sir Flogger is the perfect accessory for..
50SG Sweet Sting 50SG Sweet Sting
Model: 05305570000
Riding crop of the official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection. Punish your partner and enjoy a little naughty spanking with this flexible and Riding Crop. Designed to give a satisfying thwack that leaves a delicious sting on your lover’s bottom, enjoy the excitement that this sleek and effect..
Acrylic Whip black 52cm Acrylic Whip black 52cm
Model: 24918851001
Beautiful black whip with a transparent handle that has a silver-coloured metal ball on the end. With soft velour leather tails. Complete length approx. 52 cm. Material: acrylic, metal, split leather...
BK Paddle Pearl 37cm BK Paddle Pearl 37cm
Model: 24926524000
A narrow purple paddle with a wrist loop. Slightly flexible. With a slightly satin surface and gold-coloured studs with black pearls inside. A high-quality finish with stitched edges.37 cm long, 3 cm wide. Polyurethane...
Cane Tube peeled 80 cm Cane Tube peeled 80 cm
Model: 24902181000
Peeled cane, with latex coating. Extremely elastic. Length ca. 80 cm, Ø ca. 0.8 cm. Material: rattan, latex...
Chicote Chicote
Model: 24902693001
Pequeno chicote vermelho / preto . Manipular envolto em olhar bicolor, chicote com fios de camurça macios. Comprimento 38 cm. Material: couro (camurça)...
Classic Mini Crop Classic Mini Crop
Model: 24909941001
Classic style miniature crop designed for aimed pleasure torture. Features a furry and a plain side both synthetic. Black with red top-stitching. Full length: 25 cm...
Crop Crop
Model: 24903313000
Crop with heart-shaped tip. Plastic handle with a hanger. Black/pink. Length approx. 45 cm. Material: polyurethane, ABS...
Crop Crop
Model: 24926101000
Crop with a horse-shaped tip. The flexible crop is weaved and it stands out from the rest because it has seams in a contrasting colour which make it extremely eye-catching. There is a wrist loop on the handle. Black/white. 65 cm long. Material: split leather (tip), synthetic (stem)...
Crop com brilhantes
Model: 24916721000
Chibata de plástico, preto. com pega envolta em brilhantes. Comprimento total aprox. 44 centímetros...
Crop red Bad Kitty Crop red Bad Kitty
Model: 24903311000
Small black/red crop with heart-shaped tip, plastic wand and a handle with loop. Length ca. 45 cm...
Finger Whip Leather Finger Whip Leather
Model: 20401231000
Narrow black leather strips on a metal ring. Total length ca. 25 cm...
Flogger Flogger
Model: 24919821001
Black flogger with an embossed handle, wrist loop and soft imitation leather tails. Complete length 39 cm (without wrist loop). Material: polyurethane, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH...
Flogger Glass Flogger Glass
Model: 24924901001
Soft black velour leather tails on a curved glass handle. The glass handle has grooves on it and can therefore be used as a dildo as well! Complete length 64 cm. Handle 17 cm long, Ø 3 cm. Material: glass (handle), split leather (tails)...
FSOG Desire Advanced Couple K FSOG Desire Advanced Couple K
Model: 05880590000
7-piece set!- Blindfold, 18 cm long. Material: polyester- Vibrating cock ring, Ø 4.5 cm. Material: silicone, ABS with a PU coating- Bondage rope, 5 cm long. Material: polyamide- Bondage tape. Material: PVC- Mini vibrator, 6 cm long. Material: ABS with a PU coating- Butt plug, 8 cm long. Material: si..
FSOG Freed Leather Riding Crop FSOG Freed Leather Riding Crop
Model: 05323040000
Purple leather crop with a rose-gold handle. Leather, metal. Includes a velvet storage bag...
Heart Mini Crop Heart Mini Crop
Model: 24909601001
Heart topped miniature crop designed for aimed pleasure torture. Features a furry and a plain side (both synthetic). Black with red top-stitching. Full length: 25 cm...
Le Gerte sw Le Gerte sw
Model: 02540450000
Chicote com 67cm de comprimento em forma de mao..
Le Single Tail Le Single Tail
Model: 20405141000
A braided flogger made out of black leather. With a tail and a tip attached to it. Complete length (without wrist loop) 132 cm...
Leather Cane 51cm Leather Cane 51cm
Model: 20404843000
A flexible, weaved cane that is two colours. The cane is made out of real goatskin and has a loop for hitting a partner (it can be quite painful). It also has a wrist loop. Black/red. Complete length 51 cm...
Leather crop Leather crop
Model: 20400421000
Black leather crop with doubled leather loop at the tip and leather loop at handle for a secure grip. Lengths: 65 cm...
Leather Crop Leather Crop
Model: 20401311000
Black crop with leather tip. Wrapped wand and elegant handle with metal details and a loop. Total length ca. 69 cm. Materials: synthetics, leather...
Leather Flogger Leather Flogger
Model: 20404411000
Heavy leather flogger with numerous wide tails. The tails have braided parts. The handle is also braided and has a wrist loop. Makes a noise when being used. 72 cm long (without wrist loop). 100% leather (calfskin, lambskin)...
Leather Flogger Leather Flogger
Model: 20401741001
Black flogger with numerous tails and a wavy wooden handle that is covered with food-safe varnish. The soft leather tails are perfect for gentle strokes or hard punishment. Complete length 56 cm. Material: split leather, wood...
Leather Flogger Leather Flogger
Model: 20404681000
Short, heavy flogger with a narrow handle covered in fabric. With lots of tails and a wrist loop. Black. Smooth leather, suede (velour). Complete length (without wrist loop) 37 cm...
Leather Flogger Leather Flogger
Model: 20400001001
High-quality leather flogger with soft tails and a wavy handle. Black. Complete length 42 cm. Leather (lamb nappa), split leather, wood...
Leather Flogger Leather Flogger
Model: 20405061000
Flogger made out of high-quality buffalo leather with a weaved handle, a practical wrist loop and 4 wide tails are in a barbed wire design (which makes it more painful than usual). Black. Complete length (without wrist loop) 75 cm...
Leather Flogger Balls Leather Flogger Balls
Model: 20404331000
Leather flogger with 8 braided tails. There is a ball at the end of each tail. The handle is covered in material, which is in two colours. There is a ring at the end of the handle. 54 cm long (without ring). 100% leather...
Leather Flogger Black/White Leather Flogger Black/White
Model: 20404922000
An easy-to-hold leather flogger with a weaved handle that is made out of smooth leather. The tails are made out of nubuck leather. There is also a weaved wrist loop. Black/white. Complete length (without wrist loop) 42 cm. Smooth leather: goatskin, nubuck leather: cowhide...
Leather Flogger red Leather Flogger red
Model: 20404253001
Flogger with leather tails and a 26 cm long wooden handle. It is easy to hold because it has a wrist loop. Red/black. Complete length 75 cm. Split leather, wood...
Leather Flogger with Tails Leather Flogger with Tails
Model: 20404091001
Flogger with lamb nappa tails that are securely sewn onto the wooden handle. With a wrist loop meaning that this flogger is easy to hold. Black. Complete length 62 cm. Leather (lamb nappa), split leather, wood...
Leather Flogger Wooden Handle Leather Flogger Wooden Handle
Model: 20404171001
Black flogger with numerous tails, a sturdy wooden handle and a practical wrist loop. Complete length 75 cm. Material: split leather, wood...
Leather Heartpaddle Leather Heartpaddle
Model: 02546490000
Mini spanking paddle with heart-shaped cut-out. Genuine leather. Reinforced handle. Size: 30 cm...
Leather Paddle Smiley Leather Paddle Smiley
Model: 20402391001
Paddle with a round spanking surface (Ø 9 cm) and a varnished wooden handle. There are two faces on the paddle: a smiling red face and an angry black face. This paddle is perfect for cheeky role play. Complete length 36 cm. Split leather, wood...
Leather Paddle soft grip Leather Paddle soft grip
Model: 20403871000
Black paddle with a double loop for loud strokes. Flexible handle with thick padding. With a D-shaped ring at the end. Complete length approx. 38 cm. Black. Material: leather, split leather, metal (chrome-plated)...
Leather Whip Leather Whip
Model: 20403281000
Whip with broad leather straps and handle made of stainless steel with loop. Black/silver. Total length approx. 73 cm...
Leather Whip Leather Whip
Model: 20403441000
Soft leather straps at red/black handle. Total length approx. 76 cm. Material: leather...
Leather Whip Leather Whip
Model: 20402713000
Leather whip with soft red tails 4 mm wide and a black leather strip encased handle, metal ring and loop. Full size: approx. 43 cm. Colour: Red/black. Material: split leather, chromed metal...
Leather Whip 45cm Leather Whip 45cm
Model: 02542230000
45 cm long whip with 11 cm coated handle...
Leather whip red/black Leather whip red/black
Model: 20400773001
Whip made of soft suede with 12 plaited tails. Colour: red/black. Length: 70 cm. Firm handle, 23 cm long, Ø 3 cm, with a plaited leather hanger...
Leather Whip soft grip Leather Whip soft grip
Model: 20403791000
Black flogger with soft tails and a flexible, padded handle! With a D-shaped ring at the end. Complete length approx. 68 cm. Black. Material: split leather, metal (chrome-plated)...
Mini chicote com brilhantes
Model: 24916801000
Mini-chicote, preto, com tiras de couro de e uma pega com brilhantes. Comprimento total aprox. 40 centímetros. Material: plástico, strass...
Mini Chicote com Pega de Pénis
Model: 07786720000
Para aquelas aventuras excitantes que surgem do nada!Mini chicote preto com uma pega em formato de pénis e incontáveis fitas de látex...
Mini Flogger Mini Flogger
Model: 24921051001
In a smooth leather look with soft tails and a handle that is also covered in material. Black. Complete length 38 cm. Material: polyurethane...
Mini Flogger Set Mini Flogger Set
Model: 24921301001
3 different attachments and a synthetic stick (40 cm long). The stick has to be put together and the attachments are then screwed onto it. There is a small, flat, foot-shaped crop, a mini flogger with thin tails and a fluffy silvery grey feather pom-pom. Black. Material: silicone, phthalate-free acc..
Mini Slapper Mini Slapper
Model: 24920671000
Small black vinyl slapper that has `Love Sexy` written on it and short tails at the other end.Total length 45cm. Material: polyurethane, silicone (phthalate-free according to EU regulation REACH)...
Mini Whip black Mini Whip black
Model: 24912221000
Black mini whip with soft silicone straps and vinyl handle. Total length 26 cm. Material: silicone, ABS, free of phthalates according to EU Regulation REACH...
Mini Whip black Mini Whip black
Model: 24917371000
Mini whip with soft velour tails and a snap hook. Joined together with metal. Black/sliver-coloured. Complete length including hanging loop approx. 26 cm. Material: split leather, metal...
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