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Be Bizarre Undercover Sleeve Be Bizarre Undercover Sleeve
Model: 05291090000
Latex penis sleeve with prominent glans, veining and testicles. Black. Total length 22 cm, Ø 5 cm elastic...
BK cock ring & clamps BK cock ring & clamps
Model: 05168300000
A black cock ring attached to a Y-shaped cord with nipple clamps (pressure can be adjusted): for firm erections and tingling, pleasurable pain!Complete length 51 cm. Diameter of cock ring 3.6 cm (slightly flexible). Thickness 0.6 cm. Material: silicone (even the purple covers!), ABS, phthalate-free ..
BK Cock Strap BK Cock Strap
Model: 05167830000
Waist strap with cock ring. Black. Waistband max. 86 cm long (stretchable), cock ring Ø 3.7 cm (flexible), material thickness 0.6 cm. Material: Silicone, ABS, phthalate-free according to EU regulation REACH...
Glans Ring with Ball-28 mm Glans Ring with Ball-28 mm
Model: 05228640000
Every man should have one!The glans ring (Ø 2,8 cm) stimulates directly behind the glans. The approx. 1 cm thick ball can put pressure on the sensitive frenulum (penis tissue band). Silver coloured. Material: stainless steel...
IL Mouth Ring Gold IL Mouth Ring Gold
Model: 24917701001
Silver-coloured metal ring on a glittery gold-coloured cord, which is attached to a black imitation leather strap. Circumference can be adjusted between 40-65 cm using the press studs. Ring Ø 4 cm. Material: polyurethane, metal...
Long Princess Long Princess
Model: 05078140000
Glans ring with dilator! Put the pivotable ring around the glans and insert the end of the pin into the urethra. Total length approx. 8 cm, ring Ø 0.6 cm. Weight: 22 g. Material: polished, silver-coloured stainless steel...
Sperm Stopper 28mm Sperm Stopper 28mm
Model: 05078490000
Glans ring with movable urethra plus. Ring Ø 2.8 cm. Weight: 10g. Material: polished, silver-coloured steel...
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