Alles Sch... Shampoo
Model: 07001690000
The perfect cheeky gift!- nourishing shampoo- stimulating scent- great as a gift- bottle has a funny picture on the labelBrown shampoo for hair in the intimate area. (350 ml)..
Bath Confetti Bath Confetti
Model: 07759670000
Heart-shaped package that has 20 g of bath confetti inside. The package contains numerous red and white hearts...
Bath Confetti Heart Display Bath Confetti Heart Display
Model: 07759590000
The perfect display for your POS!The display has 15 heart-shaped packages that each have 20 g of bath confetti for sensual bath times. Your customers will add a red or white heart to their shopping bag to surprise their partner…Store the heart-shaped packages in a cool, dry place...
Bath Sponge Penis
Model: 07726070000
Bath sponge in penis shape. Available in four different colours. Unsorted - be surprised which colour you will get Size: 19.5 x 12 x 3.5 cm. 1 piece...
Cocky Cookie Cutter Cocky Cookie Cutter
Model: 07702050000
Pack of 2 penis shaped cookie cutters. Measurements: approx. 10 cm long, Ø 2.3 to 5.5 cm. Made of metal. Please clean with hot water and washing-up liquid before first use...
Duck with a dick
Model: 07733100000
Male duck with massive penis approx. 6 cm. Full size: 11 cm. Material: PVC, free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH...
Egg-timer Testicles
Model: 07720890000
Hot designSkin-coloured egg-timer in testicle shape, with silver-coloured timer measuring up to 60 minutes. Size ca. 7.5 x 9 cm...
Eier-Shampoo 350 ml Eier-Shampoo 350 ml
Model: 07702210000
Yellow shampoo for men in their best age. With this shampoo the balls skin seems to become even softer. 3050 ml bottle...
Folding Ruler Girl
Model: 07700940000
Folding ruler made of varnished wood. Holohedral, 2 surface with erotic blondes. In transparent package with suspension arrangement...
Folding Ruler Girl 2m
Model: 07761060000
Folding ruler 2 m made of lacquered wood with full erotic surface print on 2 sides. Comes in a see-through package with a suspension device...
Hook Man
Model: 07739990000
Wall-hook, to be fixed with a screw or an adhesive stripe both included. Approx. 10 x 5 cm. Colour: silver-grey. Material: PS plastic...
Party Sticks Party Sticks
Model: 07000610000
6 party sticks with couples in different positions at the top. 3 x purple, 3 x pink. Each stick is 13 cm long. ABS...
Penis Shaped Toothbrush Penis Shaped Toothbrush
Model: 07001180000
Great as a cheeky gift!Penis shaped toothbrush. Skin-coloured. Complete length 17.5 cm, Ø 0.8 cm. TPR, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH...
Plush Pillow
Model: 07720380000
Skin-coloured plush pillow with pink nipples. Size: 24 x 37 x 19 cm. 100% polyester...
Potency Shampoo
Model: 07754600000
Yellow shampoo with fruity fragrance in a funny bottle. 350 ml...
Pussy Shampoo
Model: 07001420000
The perfect cheeky gift!- nourishing shampoo- gentle shampoo for the intimate area- great as a gift- bottle has a funny picture on the labelRed shampoo (350 ml)..
Shampoo for Horny Women
Model: 07001770000
The perfect cheeky gift!- nourishing shampoo- stimulating scent- great as a gift- perfect for the anal area- bottle has a funny picture on the labelPink shampoo for hair in the intimate area (350 ml)..
Sperm Shampoo
Model: 07001850000
The perfect cheeky gift!- nourishing shampoo- stimulating scent- for hair and body hair- bottle has a funny picture on the labelWhite shampoo for hair in the intimate area. (350 ml)..
Willy Ice Pop Mold Willy Ice Pop Mold
Model: 07002740000
Perfect for parties! The mold for making lollies on a stick gets filled with liquid (e.g. juice) and then the stick with a handle gets inserted into the liquid – the mold then goes into the freezer for a few hours. The surprise: the penis-shaped stick starts to appear when the lolly is sucked. 4 tra..
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