Jogos Eroticos

3 pleasure dice German, 3 pleasure dice German,
Model: 07771700000
Let the dice decide where to have sex next! Just throw the three dice: the red one tells you what to do, the blue one decides on the part of the body and the green dice tells you a certain location. Size: 2.4 cm, 3 dice in one set...
50 Days of Play
Model: 07737860000
50 envelopes in five different colors with erotic tips for improved sex joy! Each color stands for a different level - from soft (kissing, stroking) to hard (licking, slapping). German language...
50 Naughty Days 50 Naughty Days
Model: 07754950000
50 envelopes com sugestões de acções preliminares e sexo. Dividido em cinco diferentes níveis de dureza, do gentil ao duro identificável pelas cores diferentes. Alemão...
Aphrodisia Aphrodisia
Model: 07710660000
Board game for couples. Content: board game, 2 playing pieces, 2 spaces for cards with 60 positions, dice, as well as 1 pair of handcuffs, whip, vibrator, massage candle and blindfold...
Dados Fluorescentes
Model: 07720540000
2 peças de conjunto de dados, brilhando no escuro e com posições de amor em estilo cômico. Tamanho: 3 x 3 x 3 cm. Material: ABS...
Das frivole Spiel der Liebe Das frivole Spiel der Liebe
Model: 07739130000
Soft SM dice game. Content: whip, eye-mask, handcuffs, 2 dice, vibrator with battery, ear-plugs...
Dice sex-positions
Model: 07741700000
You need some help to decide which sex-position comes next? Then just take this dice showing 12 different positions. Colour: white/black. 3 x 3 x 3 cm. Material: acrylic...
Erotic Game "Orgasmixxx" Erotic Game "Orgasmixxx"
Model: 07721940000
Erotic game for couples. Content: 1 game board, 4 card decks, 1 pencil of body paint, 1 blindfold, 1 dice. 1 hourglass, 2 tokens...
Erotic Secrets Erotic Secrets
Model: 07759400000
Card game for HIM and HER with intimate questions for hot confessions and surprising answers. 55 cards. For a minimum of 2 players...
Model: 07789310000
Erotic card game for at least two players. Content: 55 cards with eac four words of the themes »humans & affinities«, »toys & lingerie«, »Fantasies & quotes« and »different stuff«. The player taking a card chooses a category and has to mime the word to th..
Erotixxx Erotixxx
Model: 07710230000
Board game for couples! Content: game board, 3 packs of cards, 2 playing pieces, dice, eye mask. For 2 players...
Model: 07004360000
The diverse game for couples with high-quality accessories!- 6 pieces of fanfold paper with hot tasks (in 10 languages)- 1 card game with Kama Sutra positions - 2 dice, 1 with positions and 1 with places - 2 cock rings, 1 with vibrations and 1 without vibrationsThese items turn this set into an extr..
Gagartikel Überraschung 2,00
Model: 07990250000
Massive savings! You can get a faultless item from the joke section at a one-off special price - the only thing that might be slightly damaged is the packaging. Take this opportunity to get a valuable joke item at a low price.All the pictures of the items are only examples. Items are non-returnable!..
Game "Hot Affair" Game "Hot Affair"
Model: 07764910000
Couple board game - contents: 4 sets of cards (eroticism, fantasy, passion, intimate), 2 playing figures, 1 dice, 3 x 4 rings for playing figures. German...
Game "Truth or Dare" Game "Truth or Dare"
Model: 07743320000
The erotic cult game! 75 intimate questions (truth) and 75 surprising answers (dare). Dice/card game for 2 - 8 players. Sold already over 125-000 times...
Game of Love Anal Game of Love Anal
Model: 07758000000
A dice game for a fun way of trying out anal sex. Content: lubricant, blindfold, handcuffs, 2 dice, anal finger, butt plug and instructions. The game is in German. For 2 players...
GLOP Erotik GLOP Erotik
Model: 07760330000
Glop Erotik is a card game for a large group of people at a party who love drinking games.This card game has embarrassing tests, indiscreet questions, saucy actions and special challenges for the players. If somebody doesn´t want to do what it says on the card then they have to drink! There are no w..
GLOP Klamotten GLOP Klamotten
Model: 07760250000
Glop Klammotten is the strip version of the drinking game. This card game has embarrassing tests, indiscreet questions, saucy actions and special challenges for the players. It is perfect for playing with a large group of people at a party. If somebody doesn´t want to do what it says on the card the..
Herz voller Erotik D/ITA Herz voller Erotik D/ITA
Model: 07799460000
Game for two! Red, solid, heart-shaped box with 100 rolled paper sheets with erotic challenges, which shall be passed by HIM or HER. Including tweezers that help to get the sheets out of the box. Ø of the box: ca. 15 cm...
Jogo 2 Dados Eróticos Fluorescentes
Model: 07738750000
Divertido jogo erótico composto por dois dados que brilham no escuro, um de acções sensuais e outro de zonas do corpo...
Lollipop game
Model: 07741890000
Game for couples!Content: game board, 2 tokens, dice, 24 playing cards and 35 chips. Playing instructions in German language...
Love Dice Kama Sutra Love Dice Kama Sutra
Model: 07753390000
Door hanger and 2 Kama Sutra dice in a set!Hang the cardboard door hanger with the text "Please do not disturb" (in different languages) on the door handle and let the dice (ABS) decide which Kama Sutra position should be tried out and where it should take place, e.g. which room or outside… Complete..
Model: 07749360000
Two dice with sex positions. The shown sexual activity must be performed if doublets are thrown...
Partner Club Partner Club
Model: 07761300000
Card game with intimate questions as well as erotic and sexual tasks.3 levels and 70 cards per level. There is a task for a man and a woman on each card. Suitable for people who are 18+. For a minimum of 4 players...
Model: 07758190000
A sex quiz with 100 cards that are separated into two categories: 50 cards are multiple choice questions with 4 possible answers written on them and the other 50 have statements which are either true or false. The answers and explanations are on the back of the cards. They are perfect for parties, a..
Spiel "Kiss me!"
Model: 07776170000
Discover your partner anew and bring new lust and erotic sparks into your relationship. Perofm the tasks, play for gratification and try to avoid punishmentsBoard game for two players. Content: board, 2 counters, 1 notepad, 2 pencils, 2 rotating wheels,..
Strip Poker
Model: 07401520000
Ready for an erotic game?54 poker-cards for an unreputable gents-eveningTrumps are blond/black/brown and red.Enjoy the gambling.....
Ultiem Verlangen Dutch board g Ultiem Verlangen Dutch board g
Model: 07719880000
Join your partner on an erotic expedition!This erotic board game for couples is arousing, direct and daring - sometimes funny, but never disrespectful to the partner. Get to know each other even better, discover new aspects and spice up your love life.....
Wahre Liebe Spiel Wahre Liebe Spiel
Model: 07795710000
Erotic board game for couples. Content: gaming board, 240 question cards, 240 exercise cards, 1 dice, 2 tokens, 2 hour glasses...
You & Me You & Me
Model: 07750530000
Couples game with 90 erotic ideas, stimuli and activities. Contents:90 task cards plus 8 special cards like 2 jokers, 1 dice, 1 sandglass. German version...
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