Candy Bra
Model: 07730260000
If you like to dress with style - sweet style. Edible bra made from candy beads. Pink with red heart. 280 g...
Candy Bra (BH) Candy Bra (BH)
Model: 07758270000
Bra made of sugar beads. 280 g. One size (fits all)...
Candy Lovers Ring
Model: 07730340000
3 edible cock rings made from multi-colour sugar beads. One size fits all. 18 g...
Candy Nipple Tassels
Model: 07775280000
Unique nipple tassels made from multi-coloured sugar pearls. Pack with two tassels. Total weight: 60 gr...
Candy posing pouch Candy posing pouch
Model: 07758350000
For all of you candy lovers!Now you can bite your partner with sweet delight and enjoy these tantalizing sugarpearls as make your way down to the nipples. 300 g...
Candy string Candy string
Model: 07756730000
As sweet as candy!A string you can eat - exciting dessous for exciting hours... String made of colourful sugar-pearls. One size...
Cola Willies Cola Willies
Model: 07751260000
Sugar-coated wine-gum willies. Cola-flavour. White/brown. 120g...
Disp. Prickel-Sex 36er
Model: 07771880000
Display for 36 piecesSherbet powder with fruity strawberry flavour for tasty pleasures. 25 g bags. Size: 9 cm x 14 cm...
Fruit Sweets Penis Fruit Sweets Penis
Model: 07003980000
Colourful, penis-shaped fruit sweets. 175 g...
Fruit Sweets Pussy Fruit Sweets Pussy
Model: 07003800000
Pink, pussy-shaped fruit sweets. 175 g...
Gomas Gomas
Model: 07733870000
Gomas coloridas com sabor a frutas em forma de penios Contem - 150 g..
Heart Pasta
Model: 07728010000
Multicoloured heart-shaped pasta yellow, green and orange. Ingredients: Semolina, water, 1,5 dried spinach, 1,5 dried tomatoes. 250 g. Comes in a transparent packaging...
Heart-shaped Fairy Lights Heart-shaped Fairy Lights
Model: 07004010000
LED fairy lights with 10 lights and red felt hearts. Colour of lights: warm white light. Battery-powered. Indoor use only. Please order batteries separately: 2 x Micro/AA. 116 cm long...
Liqueur "F***" Liqueur "F***"
Model: 07703880000
Red jostaberry liqueur. Red currant and gooseberry combined in one fruit - the jostaberry! 20 ml bottle. 15% alc/vol...
Liqueur PopsyFriends 8pcs Liqueur PopsyFriends 8pcs
Model: 07723640000
Box content:2 x blue fig liqueur, 20 alc/vol2 x green herb liqueur, 30 alc/vol2 x red fruit liqueur, 15 alc/vol2 x cream-coloured vanilla/caramel-cream liqueur, 15 alc/volEach inside a 0.02l plastic sperm bottle...
Noodles Penis Pasta 200 g. Noodles Penis Pasta 200 g.
Model: 07700430000
Cooking with passionPasta in penis-form - makes hungry for sex...Milled durum..
Sexy Candy Strawberry Sexy Candy Strawberry
Model: 07707870000
A hard caramel lolly in the shape of a vagina. The lolly is on a wooden handle. Strawberry flavour. Size: 9 cm...
Sexy Xmas Sexy Xmas
Model: 07004440000
Advent calendar with a picture of a sexy woman on the front and 24 doors. The calendar is filled with pieces of milk chocolate (min. 41% cocoa) in the shape of vaginas, penises, breasts and bums. May contain traces of nuts and peanuts. Size of calendar: 35 x 25 cm. Content: 75 g...
Sweet tickle powder Sweet tickle powder
Model: 07765300000
Sherbet powder with a fruity strawberry flavour for tasty pleasures The point: as soon as the powder gets wet, it starts tickling and prickling Whether in your mouth, inside your belly button, on your nipples or elsewhere - enjoy this sweet tingling sensation on your tongue or on your skin. Indulge..
Tanga Comestível Coração Tanga Comestível Coração
Model: 07764670000
Descubra quantas trincas tem de dar para chegar à sua cara metade.Tanga comestível composta por vários rebuçados e com um coração na frente...
Winegums Boobs
Model: 07743240000
Fruit flavoured fun gumsThe must-have snack for parties, dates and foreplay gamesContains boob moulded fruit flavoured multi-coloured gums. 150 g pack...
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